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What is website usability?
Website Usability attempts to measure the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a website. It is not a single, one-dimensional property of the user interface, but rather a combination of factors including:

Is website navigation part of website usability?
Yes. Consistent and intuitive navigation on each webpage of a website are among the most important usability features as experienced by Internet users. They are impatient, and dislike having to learn new site navigation. Navigation should be obvious and consistent throughout a website. Cookie crumbs should be used to help visitors know what page/section of a website they are on:
Home > Cameras > Olympus > Model SP800UZ
The homepage is not the only entry page to the website and it should be clear to users which page they've landed on, and where it sits in relation to the architecture of the site.

Does the location of the "Home" button/link matter?
Yes. This link should be consistent in its location and function. Top left is common, and some have another one at the bottom of especially long webpages.

Should I copy large portions of text and paste it straight into a webpage?
No. Most webpages need text to provide information (and food for the search engine crawlers) - but it should be broken up into easily skimmed topics. Users might read a newspaper from front-to-back but tend to skim and jump around on a website.